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Professional Water Heater Installation, Maintenance and Repair in Parksville

Water heaters are extremely useful devices. They ensure the supply of warm water, especially during cold winter days. Installing a water heating system for your home or office offers many conveniences and saves you from the hassle of manually heating water.


When you need water heater repair, installation or maintenance services for your commercial or residential needs in Parksville, Qualicum Beach, Bowser, Nanoose Bay, and the surrounding areas, look no further than P & H Plumbing & Heating Inc.! We offer thorough, professional services and always put our customer’s needs and safety first. Maintaining your water heater is essential to keeping your home or business comfortable throughout the year. Keep your family and employees happy by ensuring they stay warm through those winter months by scheduling regular maintenance for your water heater!


Signs Your Water Heater Needs Repair


Some signs of water heater and tank problems can be as obvious as no hot water running from your taps. These problems can present themselves in many other ways and occur at any time, especially when you are least expecting them.

Listed below are common signs that your water heater tank needs repair:


• Lack of hot water
• Inconsistent hot water
• Foul odours coming from the tap
• Unusual sounds or rattling coming from your water heater


Our licensed technicians will help you diagnose the issue immediately and give you information on your best options to provide the most accurate solution possible. Contact us to know how we can help your water heating system run efficiently.


Water Heater Installation and Repair Services in Parksville


We know how important the easy availability of hot water can be in our daily lives. When you call us to inspect and diagnose any issues you may be facing with your water heater, we guarantee that we’ll make the process as hassle-free as possible. Our technicians have the vast knowledge and the expertise to give you a fast and accurate initial diagnosis.

Professional water heater installation and repair services offer the following benefits:

  • Maintain your water heater manufacturer’s warranty
    Water heater system checkups are usually required to keep your appliance’s warranty active. Simply scheduling repair and maintenance appointments can keep your warranty coverage in place for whenever or if ever any severe issues occur.


  • Improve energy-efficiency
    We can conduct thorough flushes of your storage tank to eliminate any sediment and mineral build up, which can hinder the overall functionality of your unit and can lead to other problems if ignored. This will better ensure that your unit is functioning at its optimal levels.


  • Identify errors early
    Timely water heater services can help protect you against any lingering issues that could grow to become serious problems in the future. We can help identify the need for repair early on.


  • Reduce your water expenses
    Regular water heater repairs and maintenance can dramatically reduce your property’s overall water expenses. Simply eliminating sediment buildup in your tank will improve efficiency and lower energy expenses for months.


  • Increasing the system’s lifespan
    A water heater system can be one of the most expensive plumbing appliances, so we understand the need to ensure your unit serves you for as long as possible. With yearly maintenance and repair services, your water heater systems will be much more resistant to breaking down and require expensive repairs and replacements.

Count on us if you need your water heater repaired in Parksville. Schedule your service with us now!

We Can Service, Repair and Install Water Heaters of All Types

At P & H Plumbing & Heating Inc., we offer maintenance, installation and repair for the following:

Water heaters
Gas hot water tanks
Electric hot water tanks
Tankless water heaters

If you are looking for water heater repair services in Parksville, contact us today for a free consultation.

Our Brands:

Bradford White®
John Wood®

We are proud to work with some of the leading brands and manufacturers in the industry.

Water Heater Services in Parksville

Our expert technicians can help keep your water heated.

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